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I enjoy creating advertising to grab attention for my clients!

Vintage Voice impressions have multiple advantages #Advertising

Older listeners:     Memories of years past tie-in with the product

Younger listeners:  Unique voices grab their short attention span

All listeners:           Using Vintage Voices together with creative dialog that fits each character   

                              creates word-of-mouth comments and greater customer awareness.

Agency, Jet Express Corporation: Radio/Television commercial campaign 2013-2015

Johnny, The commercials you did for us were well received, they definitely had an impact on sales and brought awareness to a very high level. Even our competitors commented on how your commercials got their attention; you did a fantastic job!!!

Tom Brady, President-A Company Called Brady, Inc.

Effective Jingles!

I also write Jingles for commercial advertising,

as you can hear at the end of this

43 second commercial...

Oregon Assn. of





 Over the years, I've performed in a great many television and radio commercials;  this one is for Post Raisin Bran cereal.

Click on the photo to the right; as it plays, I'm the clay animated human on the left side of the screen >>>

Most people have a difficult time producing a commercial that will interest listeners, and actually SELL their product; I have done this, and I will do it for you...........Johnny Counterfit

Creativity is the Key

Johnny Counterfit will draw from his more than 30 years experience to write your message, use his deep resonant voice, or if you prefer, his voice impressions and characterization abilities, to produce a finished product customers will enjoy over and over again, i.e. product retention in the mind of customers!


Johnny has many awards to his credit, including O.A.B. Most Effective Radio Commercial, Silver Microphone, Telly Award for Best Sales Video, and was the lead character in an animated CBS television special that won an EMMY.

Millions of people have boring website, radio, and television advertising...don't be one of them!

Voice Impression Messages that SELL your product, event, candidate!

Website advertising* Robo-calls * Political campaign* Voice-mail * Real Estate

Happy Birthday messages * Bon Voyage * Divorce messages, etc

Everything from a :15 second announcement, :30/:60 second commercial,

narration, audio books, instructional audio/video presentation, etc.

Neilsen Report 2016:

Radio reaches 92.6 percent of adults ages 18+ each week.

Television: 88% * TV connected devices: 44% * Smartphones 75% 

* Johnny Counterfit has many character and celebrity voices from which to choose. If you decide upon one or more 

celebrity voice impressions, a disclaimer at the beginning or end of the commercial is required.

Johnny can also utilize his own deep resonant natural voice for your commercial, no disclaimer necessary.​




National Television Commercials

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