The Warren Commission presenting President Lyndon B. Johnson their completed report. Gerald Ford is 4th from the left.

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Story Behind the Story

The initial writing of my book in 1993 coincided with the 30th anniversary of a moment in history nearly all of us would have wanted to change, November 22, 1963. Starting with my Elementary school years of the late 1960's, I have studied  John F. Kennedy's presidential years, and his assassination. In this book, I was careful to steer clear of the conspiracy theories, finger pointing, and vicious claims that have mutated over the years. After writing it, I filed it away without releasing it to the public, and pretty much forgot about it until 2016, due to my show business career and family responsibilities. With the 100th anniversary of the birth of John F. Kennedy, in 2017, I then decided to read and edit the book for release during 2017. 

In June 2016, as I read again my original draft, I was drawn into the story to such a degree, I resolved to make the story deeper and richer by further developing the characters, and use my additional years of research (1993-2016) on the Kennedy administration, in an attempt to make readers feel as though I personally knew President and Mrs. Kennedy, by virtue of my conversations with them, in the book; I hope I have accomplished that.

At the end of my rewrite, I weighed the pro and con of presenting a book containing just under 15,000 words, recognizing the usual standard for a novel is 20,000 words or more. Because I've been in show business for 36 years, I reminded myself of the importance, to the audience, of keeping a song, a joke, and a story to the point, without extraneous fluff, so I present my book in its current form, with just under 15,000 words.

Finishing the rewrite ahead of schedule, I deliberately released my book into the marketplace on November 22, 2016.

Johnny's speech will not focus on the many conspiracy theories.

Instead, he discusses updated sourced material, and analytical facts addressing such matters as eyewitness accounts by Secret Service agents and Dallas Police officers with the president at the time of the assassination, the famous Zapruder film with police audio (recording) of the assassination in progress, and a separate eye witness standing below the Texas School Book Depository who corroborated the volley of shots with the audio recording, making it physically impossible for the alleged murder rifle to be the lone weapon used in the assassination. Parkland Hospital Emergency Room #1 surgeon remarks after President Kennedy was declared dead, as well as discussions on other photographic and motion picture footage taken at the time of the assassination.  

JFK Assassination: My Theory, by Johnny Counterfit
©2016 Johnny Counterfit

After studying the administration and assassination of President Kennedy for more than four decades, I’ll begin with a question I’ve not heard nor have read anyone else ask: What would keep Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and his family from moving Heaven and Earth to find out who was responsible for the murder of the president?

My answer: National security, i.e. War with the U.S.S.R.

I submit that war with Russia is what the American people in 1963 would have demanded. With currently declassified information revealing the cordial and peace-minded relationships between JFK, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, and Cuban President Fidel Castro, in the closing months of the Kennedy administration, no other cogent reason for the Kennedy family not pursuing absolute justice exists. I believe rogue elements* within the U.S.S.R. were behind the murder plot, for the purposes of profit through arms sales, and a hunger for power. A myriad of possible riflemen has already been contemplated.

Some have argued organizations within our country are responsible, but exposing them would not have launched nuclear war. The Warren Commission Report is riddled with so many inconsistencies, that the lone gunman assessment gives more weight to my theory of who was behind the assassination.

*KGB Department 13: In declassified Soviet documents, there is an alleged order/contract on Pope John-Paul ll's life, citing a panel of Soviet officials ordering the hit. The findings came from a commission set up to investigate Cold War secrets revealed by Vasili Mitrokhin, a KGB archivist who defected to the UK in 1992.

*September 25, 2018:

Over the years, I have never bought into the conspiracy of a coup d'etat within our government against President Kennedy. However, the evidence of (current) "insiders" operating against President Trump is beginning to tug at my sleeve as to that very possibility, during the Kennedy Administration. 


Seek the Truth

I've studied President Kennedy and his administration for many decades, and continue to hear and read the slander, innuendo, and out right lies against him. Those of you reading this, if you will read the David Nasaw book, The Patriarch, and thoroughly study the audio interviews conducted by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. of Jackie Kennedy, beginning in March 1964, you will take from them a set of facts, including source material, dispelling much of the personal and professional negative claims against JFK.

Finally, those who would accuse me of being naive, or a John F. Kennedy protector, consider that the book and interviews I suggest you study offer source material (book), and first-person accounts (Jackie), of the truth. Jackie's personal heartfelt observations, answers, and insight will give you a much better perspective and assessment of President John F. Kennedy. One of the many comments that will enlighten you is Jackie stating, the White House years were our happiest.   ~Johnny Counterfit

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The audience will enjoy a thought provoking discussion, as Johnny utilizes his more than 30 years of study!

Johnny travels back in time to change history! #TimeTravel

I discovered facts buried deep within the records of the Warren Commission Report and The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA 1976-1978) investigation. In addition, and allegedly, notes from the attorney for President Gerald R. Ford reveal Ford admitted to tampering with evidence when he was part of the Warren Commission investigative panel; if I can verify this, the Warren Commission Report might just as well be shredded.. -Johnny Counterfit

I enjoy your writing style and look forward to seeing more.  I very much enjoy historical novels, along with other genres, and am happy your book has a place in my library. 

​~Connie Fletcher, Litchfield, Maine

Author Finds Lost 1993 JFK Manuscript  #JFKAsassination #JohnFKennedy #Kennedy

A novel written in 1993 was filed away and forgotten until 2016, when author Johnny Counterfit found it buried in a file cabinet. The unpublished manuscript, JFK-Averting the Assassination, was turned into book form, published and released in celebration of the 2017 Centennial Celebration of the birth of President John F. Kennedy.

The story begins with the author traveling back in time to warn JFK not to get off the plane in Dallas. As a result of stopping the motorcade at Love Field, history begins to change, with additional plots to murder the president, including an explosive laden aviation fuel truck heading straight for Air Force One.  Time travel was the easy part compared to what the author had to go through to sneak aboard the presidential plane, hide, then time his surprise emergence from a storage compartment, only to be subdued by Secret Service agents while convincing everyone on board of the importance of his presence.

Remaining aboard Air Force One, JFK and the author discuss the future, as well as  history and foreign policy; topics include preventing the Vietnam War, the importance of energy independence while avoiding the impact of the oil embargo of the early 1970’s, and questionable Supreme Court rulings of past and future years. Applying historic facts blended with fiction, the author captures the wit and personality of President Kennedy, as both change the course of human events.

A quick read at just under 15,000 words.

The story line was exceptionally well laid out, including facts, and creative content. I liked your effective accuracy, and the spellbinding “what if!” It peaked my interest, and kept me involved and interested. I believe the word “spellbinding” would be most appropriate. An excellent read, and scored highly in creative achievement. I enjoyed it very much

                       ~Ronald Burke, Beaverton, Oregon

"JFK-Averting the Assassination" is riveting! This story takes the reader on the "what if" scenario of if things had been different on that fateful day in Dallas. This is a fast and exciting book and by the time I got to the end, I was turning the back pages looking for more! The author does a marvelous job of describing, in detail, familiar settings with alternate outcomes. You will enjoy this book! 

                          ~Debbie Horton, Nashville, TN

For decades Johnny has researched official documents, declassified papers, personally investigated the crime scene in Dealey Plaza, read many books and reviewed television specials and interviews dealing with many aspects of the JFK administration and murder; his research is ongoing. 

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