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There will be many who disagree with me....and that's fine.......John DeMoor,a.k.a. Johnny Counterfit

Life is simple, people make it difficult.......Johnny Counterfit

Data Mining; we all can dig it.
By: John DeMoor (a.k.a. Johnny Counterfit) ©2018
Facebook and other Internet based platforms sell information about our opinions, and buying habits, in exchange for accessing their platforms, free of charge. Except in scale, this is no different than telephone survey companies calling to ask our opinions and our buying habits, for sale to their customers.
For example, when we shop for groceries, software programs gather information on what we purchase, when and where we purchase items, brand names and pricing, and in some cases, how long it took us to accomplish our task. The data mining here is used for inventory control, as well as information about which store location sells the most of a particular product. The store orders additional merchandise to meet customer demand, and the manufacturer uses the data to inform their factories how much of a particular item to create, according to the orders it receives from merchants, i.e. data mining.

Television and radio program “ratings” are nothing more than data mining, spawned during what I have coined as the Pre-Internet Society. Even Girl Scouts discover where and when they sell most of their cookies, and act accordingly, on their data mining.

I believe envy is at the basis of Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before a government panel, much the way buggy whip manufacturers may have wanted to haul Henry Ford before members of congress, during the time he sold 15 million Model T’s. Whether our habits and opinions are gleaned from telephone survey companies, or companies like Facebook, we can “hang up” anytime we wish. If government is going to add another regulation, I would prefer it regulate envy and greed from those who are faced with their old ideas being replaced with new ones.

Human Soul/Spirit©2018 John DeMoor
I’m thinking that our human soul/spirit is a direct link to Almighty God in a way no other living thing is capable. It shares with our brain, the capacity to grow in depth, knowledge, feeling, and experience. Consider the possibility that those with special talents in the arts and commerce, and those with abilities such as empathy, extra sensory perception, visions of the future, visions of the past, visions of angels, demons, and visions of those who have passed from this life, are people with extraordinary abilities tuned to different “frequencies,” not unlike the differing frequencies and aspects of sound, and light.
Acknowledging that something physical is not made from nothing, when one considers celestial mechanics, and how everything in existence interacts with every component of itself, it is easy (for me) to accept that God is beyond our comprehension, and is the celestial creator and mechanic, with we humans as a unique part of God’s universe.
(I used a double-negative because I can  ;- ) 

  • Humanists/Atheists/Non-Believers in God: Perhaps their brain has experienced more growth than their soul?
  • Authors of the Bible: Could it be their soul experienced more growth than their brain?

Abortion: How many fewer abortions would there be if the choice is made before conception?

The U.S. Constitution: This is one of my favorite areas of study. Every High School student should have a minimum of one year in the study and understanding of this most treasured document. If the majority of Americans understood what is in the document, and demanded politicians, bureaucrats, and other servants of We the People  adhere to it, I dare say we would have need of half as many judges, lawyers, and government workers.

A vote is more powerful than a protest............Johnny Counterfit