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Quantum Mechanics

I have a theory that the dark matter of space is comprised of entangled quantum particles, which explains another of my theories on our "interconnection" as humans with God and his universe; see below the paragraph, "Human Soul/Spirit"
On their journey throughout the Universe, consider how gravity waves and solar winds permeate entangled quantum particles in an almost symphonic dance, with gravitational forces and nuclear events as dance partners. 

Converting Atoms to Binary Code

When we learn to manipulate atoms into binary code, we will have the ability to store all knowledge on the head of a pin. ~Johnny Counterfit

Common Sense Approach to New Firearm Legislation, by: John DeMoor (Johnny Counterfit) #GunControl
Before additional laws, rules, and regulations are enacted, I would like a congressional non-partisan recommendation panel of no more than five, with support staff, to examine all current legislated gun control laws, as well as non-legislated gun control rules and regulations, utilizing algorithms and categorize by sales, background checks, safe handling, and storage, to determine why current laws and regulations seem to be insufficient to mitigate criminal usage of firearms.

The panel will be charged with identifying overlapping laws/regulations, as well as those blatantly ineffective and outdated, with a recommendation congressional action be taken to nullify them.

Support staff with security clearance and necessary skills in computer technology will expect full cooperation from all governmental departments to access data unrelated to national security, for the purpose of disseminating the best possible direction for future legislated laws, allowed by our U.S. Constitution; a Constitutional Amendment to restrict ownership due to certified mental illness should be considered. Uncooperative personnel will be investigated via a separate congressional oversight committee, with powers to subpoena.

No, I don't have all the answers, I just keep looking for them ~Johnny Counterfit

Human Soul/Spirit  #Metaphysics
I’m thinking that our human soul/spirit is a direct link to Almighty God in a way no other living thing is capable. It shares with our brain, the capacity to grow in depth, knowledge, feeling, and experience. Consider the possibility that those with special talents in the arts and commerce, and those with abilities such as empathy, extra sensory perception, visions of the future, visions of the past, visions of angels, demons, and visions of those who have passed from this life, are people with extraordinary abilities tuned to different “frequencies,” not unlike the differing frequencies and aspects of sound, and light; perhaps the spectrum of frequencies lies within electromagnetic properties governing all existence. 
Acknowledging that something physical is not made from nothing, when one considers celestial mechanics, and how everything in existence interacts with every component of itself, it is easy (for me) to accept that God is beyond our comprehension, and is the celestial creator and mechanic, with we humans as a unique part of God’s universe. (I used a double-negative because this is my website, and I can  ;- ) 

Humanists/Atheists/Non-Believers in God: Perhaps their brain has experienced more growth than their soul?
Authors of the Bible: Could it be their soul experienced more growth than their brain?

Book #2.

​​The Other Me: This work is more a reference book than autobiography. Knowledge I've gained and lessons I've learned that will inform and help in matters of the Country Music industry, U.S. History, Politics, Religion, Life, Death, Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, and Human Nature.

Chapter #One:The Beginning; how I developed a successful start in the entertainment field, from the First Grade, through my big break with an appearance on ABC television, and then landing the lead role on an EMMY Award winning CBS television special. My show business career officially launched January 1, 1981, but I've been entertaining everyone who would listen since the age of six.

Chapter:  Moving to Nashville in September 1993, and six months later, March 26, 1994, I was on the Grand Ole Opry receiving a standing ovation from the audience. Within one year of moving to Nashville, I was a regular guest on TNN-The Nashville Network, while I continued to expand my national/international touring schedule. As in most everyone's life, some people pat me on the back with one hand, and stab me with the other. Some who resented my growing exposure on television, radio, and stage without my ever having a major record label deal must be seething because.....

..............39 career years later, I'm on more television, radio, and Internet based programs than ever before, and songs I've written and recorded in my own voice are being added to streaming sites, and Internet based radio programs, along with my comedy, song parodies, and voice impressions of superstar country and pop singers, legendary actors, and politicians, with CLEAN-POSITIVE comedy added. In 2019, I became an movie actor for Sony Pictures.

Music and Non-Music business topics, with observations such as: How country broadcast radio committed suicide, beginning in 1981. 

Chapter: U.S. Supreme Court Treason
For the many years, I've studied the results of a number of cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the detrimental effects these decisions have had on our society. I've selected 4 decisions from 1945 to present day, that if overturned, would profoundly bring our country back in line with the laws of our U.S. Constitution. 

A popular statement is often made that Supreme Court judges serve for life.....BUT....few are aware the U.S. Constitution provides for the removal of all judges: Article 3, Section 1 includes the following: The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour (Behavior). 

Only fools wallowing in the memories of a "Pre-Internet-Society" cling to an outdated 

business model that allowed record labels, radio stations, and music charts dictate what 

people heard, and which stars would be made ~Johnny Counterfit  

Book Dedication page:  To all those who said I couldn't do it, to all who

resented when I did, and to all who will try to prevent me from

​continuing, (insert two word expletive here) 

(NOTE) In the early 2000's, I met with Jeff Walker, treasurer of the Country Radio Broadcasters association in Nashville, TN, to suggest updating the name of his organization to Country Broadcasters Association, with my rationale being the growth (small at the time) of Internet and Satellite based media platforms, and (that) the name change would broaden the field of membership. My suggestion was ignored, for as of this writing, the association bares the same designation, despite the gargantuan growth of all things Internet, Cellphone, etc. Jeff passed away in 2015. He was a fine and well respected gentleman.

(NOTE) In about 2009, while having a private lunch with the head of a well known Nashville, TN based operator of hotel and entertainment venues, one of our topics was my battles with management of the Grand Ole Opry, a lynch-pin venue within his corporate portfolio. Aside from the fact all non-lodging entities within the corporation contributed to less than 6% of annual revenues (13% in 2018), the Grand Ole Opry is considered a very crucial part of the company. I still consider the head of this corporation to be a genius by virtue of how he has built the value of the corporation since taking over some 20 years ago, yet when he disagreed with my statement, it shouldn't matter what management wants, it should only matter what the ticket buyer wants, I was reminded of my previous and oft realization that those operating "nuts and bolts" companies aren't necessarily adept at understanding customers of entertainment venues; an even more poignant fact driven further by the benefits of the Internet increasing choices and returning decision making to the consumer, obliterating the total management control of a "Pre-Internet-Society." *I'll offer more details within the pages of my finished book, including the current status of the Grand Ole Opry, and its legacy.

Chapter: Corruption in Tennessee at the State, County, and City levels; evidence included from public records and legitimate news sources, I've amassed over a period of 7 years. The long time coexistence of corrupt and honest politicians and officials just "going along to get along" is mind blowing. Politicians swearing to uphold the law, refuse to take steps to hold liars within their own ranks accountable for fear of losing an election; in 2017-2018-2019-2020, I confronted several, and will name them in the book.

             Coexistence with corruption is the haven of cowards~Johnny Counterfit

Chapter: The Great Octopus Organization: how a Nashville, TN publicly traded conglomerate can consistently lose more than $3 million each month, for decades, and still maintain a (current) multi-billion dollar market cap. Millions in pay and perquisites for company executives, with "deferred compensation" of more than $60 million for one of their senior executives, along with additional "Golden Parachute" considerations. I'll also discuss this corporation's political and financial dealings with State and local government, and how, as a public corporation, the company was awarded millions of (tax) dollars to repair their insured Nashville property after a natural disaster struck. I'll discuss 11 international financial institutions facilitating the corporation's participation in the highest levels of the U.S. stock market; this is the level from which participants look down upon the rest of us as if we have sh** on our shoes. This individual has a history with the gambling industry, and I'm wondering if he/she will push for "Sports Betting" within it's venues, now that it has become legal to do so. *The executive in question is nearing retirement, so I may decide to release this explosive chapter prior to the publishing of my entire book. *Evidence will include more than 15 years of (my) studying Federal Securities and Exchange reports on the company, and I have been contacted by an S.E.C. official.

Life is simple, people make it difficult ~Johnny Counterfit

​​​​Chapter: Data Mining; we all can dig it.
Facebook and other Internet based platforms sell information about our opinions, and buying habits, in exchange for accessing their platforms, free of charge. Except in scale, this is no different than telephone survey companies calling to ask our opinions and our buying habits, for sale to their customers.
For example, when we shop for groceries, software programs gather information on what we purchase, when and where we purchase items, brand names and pricing, and in some cases, how long it took us to accomplish our task. The data mining here is used for inventory control, as well as information about which store location sells the most of a particular product. The store orders additional merchandise to meet customer demand, and the manufacturer uses the data to inform their factories how much of a particular item to create, according to the orders it receives from merchants, i.e. data mining.

Television and radio program “ratings” are nothing more than data mining, spawned during what I have coined as the Pre-Internet Society. Even Girl Scouts discover where and when they sell most of their cookies, and act accordingly, on their data mining.

I believe envy is at the basis of Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before a government panel, much the way buggy whip manufacturers may have wanted to haul Henry Ford before members of congress, during the time he sold 15 million Model T’s. Whether our habits and opinions are gleaned from telephone survey companies, or companies like Facebook, we can “hang up” anytime we wish. If government is going to add another regulation, I would prefer it regulate envy and greed from those who are faced with their old ideas being replaced with new ones.

The U.S. Constitution: This is one of my favorite areas of study. Every High School student should have a minimum of one year in the study and understanding of this most treasured document. If the majority of Americans understood what is in the document, and demanded politicians, bureaucrats, and other servants of We the People  adhere to it, I dare say we would have need of half as many judges, lawyers, and government workers.

Did you know the U.S. Government outlawed the slave trade in 1850? Our government sent ships to patrol the African coast in order to turn back any ship carrying human beings destined to be sold into slavery. Among the ships was the USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides," which has been restored, and is kept in the Charlestown Navy Yard, (near) Boston, Massachusetts.

The Emancipation Proclamation freed only the Southern Slaves, January 1, 1863; the proclamation declared "that all persons held as slaves" within the rebellious states "are, and henceforward shall be free." Congress voted to completely abolish slavery, with the enactment of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, in 1865; it was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, and by the House on January 31, 1865.

                              ​​A vote is more powerful than a protest ~Johnny Counterfit 

The "Real Counterfit" 1981 to date: From the beginning of my career I've always performed more than one voice impression, and have NEVER wanted to personify any single artist.

My stage name, Johnny Counterfit, is a play on all things counterfeit, as in voices. 

Starting with my first professional concert shows, television, radio, and film appearances, I've presented multiple voice and visual impressions of famous people, past and present. I'm an actor, who happens to also be a comedian, voice impressionist, published songwriter, recording artist, musician, published author.

Currently, my 75-90 minute concert show features more than 30 voice impressions of superstar Country and Pop singers, legendary comedians, and movie actors.