Getting started with the basics...Johnny's topics of discussion include...

The Entertainment Industry:

If the "Big Machine" won't let you be part of their operation, build your own machine; I've been successfully doing this for 36 years, and I'll tell you how you can begin or perhaps improve what you're already doing!

Marketing & Selling to the Consumer:

Test your idea or talent on those you feel will buy your product or service; the Internet is only one tool, and unless you are creative enough to draw attention and be heard or seen above the crowd, you're peddling and pedaling in sand. I'll offer some suggestions AND evidence of the success I've had as a result of following my own advice.

Johnny Counterfit,

Motivational Speaker for Ordinary People

including associations, church groups, concerned citizen coalitions.

Published author, television and radio personality, recording artist, songwriter, comedian, voice impressionist,

concert performer.

Utilize the laws we already have, and forget wasting valuable time by marching and screaming at people, politicians, and pinheads. I'll show you how.

​All you need to get started is the greatest document our country has, and it starts with three words,We the People

...not, We the Government, not, We the Politicians, nor We the Neighborhood Association!

By law and oath, politicians, bureaucrats, and all other PUBLIC officials work for you, NOT the other way around. The vicious expensive circle of lawyer, lawsuit, court and judges isn't your only recourse; I can inform you and your audience of the alternatives I use effectively!

​All laws and rules fall under the U.S. Constitution, and judge's opinions do not change

the law. However, opinions written by judges are sometimes abused to give

unscrupulous people cover for violating citizen rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Did you know the U.S. Constitution provides for the removal of a Supreme Court Judge, and any judge because of their behavior? I can show you how it can be done by those who represent you!