Songs Johnny has written, complete with words, 

music, and photographs​.

Songs include:

I Can't Believe How Much I'm Glad You're Gone

Send God An Instant Message, Everyday

(I got over you) A Couple of Girls Ago

Elbowcellphonitis, and many others!

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JFK-Averting the Assassination

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Published Author Johnny Counterfit

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Songs I've Written is a collection of 15 songs Johnny has written

and recorded using his own natural singing voice.

Solid Country songs, as well as

#Comedy and #Contemporary #Christian selections

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JC with guitar 8x10 autographed color Photo

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Live concert featuring 
20+ voice impressions of superstar country & pop singers, actors and politicians

in CLEAN comedy and music variety.

CD $10.00 postage paid by us

CD $10.00 postage paid.

Live concert featuring voice impressions of singers, actors and politicians in CLEAN comedy and music variety.

CD $10.00 postage paid.

Audio CD version ​of the DVD

Book Review
The story line was exceptionally well laid out, including facts, and creative content. I liked your effective accuracy, and the spellbinding “what if!” It peaked my interest, and kept me involved and interested. I believe the word “spellbinding” would be most appropriate. An excellent read, and scored highly in creative achievement. I enjoyed it very much.
..........Ronald Burke, Beaverton, Oregon

This section: Comedy, Voice Impressions in concert

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"JFK-Averting the Assassination" is riveting! This story takes the reader on the "what if" scenario of if things had been different on that fateful day in Dallas. This is a fast and exciting book and by the time I got to the end, I was turning the back pages looking for more! The author does a marvelous job of describing, in detail, familiar settings with alternate outcomes. You will enjoy this book! 
.............Debbie Horton, Springfield, MO.

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Johnny sings with an Orchestra! 

Does this comedian have a fantastic singing voice with an orchestra? You bet your sweet horn section he does! 


This Section:Tradition Country, Bluegrass, and Contemporary Christian songs Johnny has written and recorded using his own singing voice

~Comedy selections are further down this page.

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Photos & Song Book by Johnny Counterfit

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