Song information/Album notes

1:  A Couple of Girls Ago  I got over you, a couple of girls ago.
2:  I Can't Believe How Much I'm Glad You're Gone  Divorce song
3:  Betty Jean   Reflecting the loss of a single mother, as felt by an adult child.
4:  Amanda Marie  The tragic loss of a child
5:  Something to Crow About  Environmental hysteria
6:  Ice Blue Eyes Infatuation for a beautiful woman singing Bluegrass music.
   *Special guest musician: Les Singer on the Banjo

7:  78 RPM    Sentimental review of days gone by

   *Back-up vocalists: Barry Wayne, Jamie Bowles
8:  Silent Sorrow, Private Pain Sorrow and Pain from three different perspectives.
9:  Elbowcellphonitis  Drivers on their cellphones causing problems.
10: Blue Ridge Girl (acoustic)   Loving a girl from the Blue Ridge Mountains.
11: I Hate Corporate Country  Objecting to "corporate types" diluting real country music. Revenue     replaced raw talent as the main criteria in the country music industry, in what Johnny has coined as   the Pre-Internet Society. 
12: Like My Dad  True life song about my Dad
13: A Portrait of My Mom   True life song about my Mom

* Johnny Counterfit picks the "Luther Perkins style" lead guitar on this song, because his Mother loved it, and introduced it to       Johnny when he was a little boy. Luther Perkins was the man who created the guitar sound for Johnny Cash; in his book, Man in Black, Johnny Cash called it "The Sound," and called Luther a musical genius.
Bonus songs:
14: One Day You'll Stand and Walk Again 

  *Special guest musician: Deanna Loveland on Harp 

Reflects the love of a woman for her disabled husband. *I wrote this song about my twin brother Don, and his loving wife Becky. Don suffered for many years with Multiple Sclerosis, and Becky (his High School sweetheart) stayed by his side (38 years of marriage) and together, they showed what a marriage is meant to be. Don passed away knowing how devoted Becky was to him, and I will always be grateful for the many things she did for my brother, when he could no longer do for himself. There is a special place in Heaven for Don & Becky, and I know Don is waiting for her, when it is her time to once again, join him. 

15: Send God An Instant Message, Everyday Communicating with God in the age of the Internet.

  *Special guest vocalists: Carol Lee Singers


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Produced by: Johnny Counterfit

Musicians include

Barry Wayne: Drums

Eugene Moles: Lead Guitar

Gene Breeden: Lean Guitar

Johnny Counterfit: Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Jamie Bowles: Piano/Key Bass/Key Effects

John Heinrich: Steel Guitar

David Russell: Fiddle

Clinton Gregory: Fiddle

Les Singer: Banjo

Deanna Loveland: Harp

​Back-up vocalists: Carol Lee Singers, Barry Wayne, Jamie Bowles