There is a cancer of corruption in Lebanon, Tennessee city politics; I want to stop it!

There is Lack of Leadership; I will replace it!

For almost 6 years, as a citizen, I've been fighting the corruption with no success; as Mayor DeMoor, I WILL get it done. 

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on my Economic Plan, designed to increase the tax base, NOT TAX RATES.

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After 92 years, I was asked to find a solution to frequent flooding inundating our City of Lebanon;

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BOLD NEW LEADERSHIP FOR LEBANON, TN  ~Vote: DeMoor for Mayor on Nov 3

Many of you know me as comedian, Johnny Counterfit, but the corruption in Lebanon city politics is no laughing matter​.

My qualifications as a leader: For many years, I have worked in the corporate business world, negotiating and then fulfilling contracts, working with clients' budgets, logistics, and most importantly, with people.

~Detailed qualifications as a leader and business human are found at the CAREER/LIFE tab above.

Facts supported by evidence ONLY from the public record, such as

newspapers, court documents, television news, legitimate web based news outlets, etc.

>Politicians deliberately ignoring laws and procedures.

>Citizens suing and threatening to sue city government to protect their rights.

>Businesses/Contractors suing and threatening to sue, demanding city politicians obey City Charter laws.

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DeMoor for Mayor 

P.O. Box 664

Lebanon, TN 37088                                             Thank you, John DeMoor


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My views on Racism and Monuments

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My campaign opening statement,  

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