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 Over the years, Johnny has performed in a great many television and radio commercials;  this one is for Post Raisin Bran cereal.

Click on the photo to the right; as it plays, Johnny is the clay animated human on the left side of the screen >>>

National Television Commercials

Agency, Jet Express Corporation: Radio/Television commercial campaign 2013-2015

Johnny, The commercials you did for us were well received, they definitely had an impact on sales and brought awareness to a very high level. Even our competitors commented on how your commercials got their attention; you did a fantastic job!!!

Tom Brady, President-A Company Called Brady, Inc.

Effective Jingles!

Johnny also writes Jingles for commercial advertising,

as you can hear at the end of this

43 second commercial...



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~copy writing, commercial advertising, song/jingle writing, creative image writing~

If your product, talent, and services aren't making you enough money, let's get together and change that! The turn of a phrase, a slogan, advertising, support materials, and your attitude will make all the difference in boosting your sales. Consultation and creating ideas designed to SELL you and your product is what we do, and we have more than 25 years of evolving experience and success to prove it! 

​Many factors are involved in creating just the right marketing to increase your sales, such as the targeted age group of your customers and potential customers, their income level, lifestyle preferences, do your customers prefer print or audio/visual enticement on the various broadcast and Internet platforms; this is the kind of research we start with, as we develop a complete campaign designed just for you! 

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Johnny has many awards to his credit, including O.A.B. Most Effective Radio Commercial, Silver Microphone, Telly Award for Best Sales Video, and had the starring role in an animated CBS television special that won an EMMY.

The right content that SELL your product, talent, event, candidate!

Website-Poster-Flier advertising* Biography * Audio/Visual content

for Robo-calls * Political campaign* Voice-mail * Company image.

​SEO (search engine optimization) 

Everything from a :15 second announcement, :30/:60 second commercial,

narration, audio books, instructional audio/video presentation, etc.

Print advertising and Website design/layout to grab readers, and SELL what you offer.

Johnny has many character and celebrity voices from which to choose. If you decide upon one or more celebrity voice impressions, a disclaimer at

the beginning or end of the commercial is required. Johnny can also utilize his own deep resonant natural voice for your commercial, no disclaimer necessary.​