Songs Johnny has written and recorded in his own voice, and currently played on streaming platforms, radio and Internet broadcasters, compliment his comedy voice impression concert

Fun innovative audience participation option for you

Jokes & Music: Even if you're too young to know who all the voice impressions are, you're laughing too hard and enjoying yourself too much for it to matter.....

                           ~Mahatma Kane-Jeeves, Hollywood, CA

Johnny Counterfit with additional artists also available! 

​Movie Actor-Sony Pictures

Award winning Comedian

Recording Artist

Published Songwriter 

Published Author

Johnny Counterfit adds Movie Actor to his credentials: completing his role in the 

Sony Pictures/Lifetime Movie Network film, Patsy & Loretta, Forever. Release: October 19, 2019. 

PBS Television series: In September 2019, Johnny performs a 60 minute concert for the show, 

Song of the Mountains. Broadcast date:  2020

​#CorporateSpecialEvent #CorporateEntertainment

Country & Pop Music in Concert

Re-creating the voices and mannerisms ranging from Vince Gill to Johnny Cash, Buck Owens to Merle Haggard, Dean Martin to Sinatra, George Strait to Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias, Elvis & George Burns,

Roger Miller to Hank Williams, and many others.

Contemporary Christian Songs

By request, Johnny will also perform positive Contemporary Christian songs he's written and recorded as part of the over-all concert experience.

~Johnny also has a special comedy and music concert for churches~

Concert-Comedian, Johnny Counterfit presents CLEAN Comedy, original Hilarious News of the Day song parodies, and more than 20 voice impressions of Superstar Country & Pop singers, in a fast-paced show, designed with your age group of guests in mind.
Positive CLEAN Comedy, New & Nostalgic ~All Age Groups * Traditional Country Music, New & Used ~All Age Groups

Contact us: 1.615.417.9839

In addition to The Johnny Counterfit Show, we can include: You Can Be on Stage 

 *or any of your co-workers

Here is how it works; we can help you organize the effort:
As part of The Johnny Counterfit Concert Show, a segment will be added to highlight the talent of any number of your co-workers or audience members (children welcome), whether as a singer, comedian, poet, dancer, etc.

It’s advisable we coordinate the segment with you, prior to the show date.
Singers: Bring the music track(s) of your choice, to be fed through our sound system.

Comedians/Singers/Poets: Use our microphones

Dancer: We’ll clear part of the stage for you

This is designed as a fun adventure for your people, and will not result in embarrassing the participants.

History in Concert & Comedy
By adding quick-short stories about some of the characters he portrays,

Johnny makes his Comedy-Concert unique and all the

more interesting for the audience!

More than 20 years performing in theaters, corporate/special events, on television, radio, and now streaming on most major platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube Music, with songs Johnny has written and recorded in his own voice. Johnny Counterfit is also a published author.

​​​* Add Johnny's Christmas segment...

A Sensational Traditional Christmas Segment Option for you, along with 25+ voice impressions of singers, actors, and politicians in concert.

When the award winning impressionist adds the following singing impressions to his already astounding show, your audience will laugh & join in.

Elvis sings Blue Christmas with Archie & Edith Bunker
Bing Crosby sings White Christmas with Porky Pig

Traditional Christmas songs in the voices of:
Bill Clinton * Vince Gill * Johnny Cash
Dwight Yoakam * George W. Bush * Richard Nixon
Jimmy Stewart * John Wayne * ​Ronald Reagan * Homer Simpson