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EMMY: Television special in which Johnny had the lead role, won the award.

Consultation Fee Individual Performer $100.00 pre-paid

The initial constructive assessment includes my reviewing your current media presence, i.e. website and social media content, recent newspaper/magazine exposure, venues you've played, 3 songs you have written and recorded, audio/video examples of your stage presence and interview preparedness, packaging & sales technique, and your general attitude. I will also request a breakdown of your career related expenditures, for the last 2 years, to determine if your return on investment is positive; a return can equal income, and/or an increase in your fan base, and measurable media presence. Information will remain strictly confidential. 

Guidance Fee-Quoted

When I've assessed if there are weaknesses in your career plans, I will cite areas needing improvement, and quote a fee commensurate with the time it will take me to assemble guidelines for updating. Beyond general business common sense you should already be applying, there are NO magic solutions to make you a star. It takes lots of hard work on your part, even if you have someone else tackling day to day operations. I am NOT promising anything beyond recommending the direction and effort you need to take, to move closer to your own career goals.


                     Are you being paid (yet) because your recordings are on Internet based

               broadcast sites? I am, and you could be as well.

Are your recordings streaming on Pandora, Spotify, etc?

*If I feel you do not have what it takes to move beyond your current status, I will tell you, then it'll be up to you     to decide your next move.

You can't put ego in the bank

If your manager, or management team is not getting you the results you want, maybe it's time you find someone who will, but be sure YOU aren't the problem; if you are the final decision maker, you may find it necessary to swallow your pride, and turn the decision making over to someone with PROVEN success, within your chosen profession.

P.S., I am not seeking a management position.

My Credentials:  36 years in National/International live concerts, television, radio, sales/marketing, video & audio recording sessions, graphics designing, personnel, publicity/public relations, and inventory control. I have 15 years experience in web page graphics lay-out, and 10 years actually creating and updating my own website. Review the other pages on this website, including network television clips of some performances, as well as examples of marketing, and "PR" 

Over the years, people have come to me after they've spent many thousands of dollars, on a career that hasn't yielded enough return on their investment; let's get together before you spend, or continue to waste money!

​Is your Festival or Fair not as successful as it once was? Maybe you simply need it updated for today's customers; I can help you with that! Contact me for fee information.

Consultation can save you money!

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