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Those standing between me and the audience!

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New for Christmas 2018

It was a great honor for me to perform here for the President, the First Lady, and their guests.

Songs I've Writtenvolume 1

Another dimension to Johnny's successful career

This CD features 15 songs Johnny wrote and recorded in his own singing voice. Add to that, the songs are written in 6 different formats: Traditional Country * Contemporary Christian * Folk * Soft Rock * Bluegrass * Comedy

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Born: Omaha, Nebraska

Mom & Dad, along with me and my siblings moved from Omaha

to Portland, Oregon when I was 3 years young.

Elementary School: Richmond, in S.E. Portland (Graduated)

High School: Franklin, in S. E. Portland (Graduated)


My network television break came in 2 separate events,

thanks to CBS & ABC. First, in 1986, Will Vinton

Productions was seeking someone to provide a specific

kind of voice for the starring role of "Rex" in the stop-action

special, A Claymation Christmas Celebration. I auditioned

and was awarded the part. For all of our combined efforts,

the television special won an EMMY in 1987.

I continued the ​role in 1987 for the full length feature film,

Will Vinton's Festival of Claymation, and provided the voice of

​the "Statue of Liberty" in the Michael Jackson "Moonwalker" video.

In 1990, ABC television in Hollywood contacted me to

appear in their new network show, America's Funniest

People. Over the next few years, my segment continued

in reruns, then was sold to other ​television shows for airing.

The achievement of seeing my name on the marquee of

the exclusive Portland Center for the Performing Arts, in 

my home town of Portland, Oregon was very gratifying.

The former Paramount Theater had been built in 1928, 

renovated, and renamed The Portland Theater, and is

located in the heart of the downtown area on Broadway.

12 years into my career, my performance here in 1993,

just prior to my moving to Nashville, TN was a personal

as well as professional milestone. 

Moving to Nashville, TN September 13, 1993 was

a wise decision. Before I decided to relocate, I made

several trips to the city, performing there and meeting

with industry professionals. By virtue of my voice

impressions and comedy, within one year of moving

to Nashville, I found myself performing on the Grand

Ole Opry, and the popular Music City Tonight television

show, on TNN-The Nashville Network.

Lights, Camera, Counterfit

Currently, you will find me on music and comedy related television shows including, Country's Family Reunion, Music City Tonight, and Larry's Country Diner on the Heartland Television Network, and RFD Television Network.

I also enjoy airplay on radio stations around the world, as well ​as streaming on Spotify, and Pandora. Many Internet based programs feature me on their syndicated programs too.



I worked while in the 7th & 8th grade earning money repairing cars, and mowing lawns. In High School, and into my mid 20's some of my jobs included loading/unloading and driving trucks, general warehouse duties, pouring utility boxes, covers, and vaults in a concrete plant, for electrical and plumbing customers.

The reaction of Actor, Ernest Borgnine is priceless as I perform

my John Wayne impression for Hollywood Producer, A.C. Lyles >>>

Most disliked jobs:

  • Picking Pole Beans from fields now under landing strips at the Portland, Oregon International Airport, and picking Strawberries in Gresham, Oregon fields.
  • Unloading a sheet-rock delivery truck by hand, and carrying the double panels up several flights of stairs.

Show Business: Photographs throughout this website.

  • Performing on concert stages, television and radio throughout
  • the U.S., in England, Canada, Caribbean, and Grand Cayman.
  • Streaming services companies feature songs Johnny has written

        and recorded in his own voice. Internet television and radio

        feature Johnny, worldwide.

Political Affiliation: NONE, unless you want to count our U.S. Constitution.

                           Politicians get away with only what We the People  allow......Johnny Counterfit


  • Voice impressions of Superstar Traditional Country & Pop singers, Hollywood legends, comedians and politicians in a music, CLEAN comedy concert setting.
  • *I do not get political in my show; I gently tease both sides of the aisle, with their own voices.

Side Note:  My show contains only POSITIVE CLEAN material, and I never give any political opinions or commentary; the audience wants to laugh and sing with me, and that's all we do, together!

                                               ....Johnny Counterfit

  • Songwriting, Comedy Writing, Marketing, Writing and Producing commercials for television, radio, websites. 
  • Above are page tabs that will take you to Songs I've Written and Original Songs for You  
  • I'll Create Your Commercial and Advertising Tips and Samples for a Successful Show
  • Website building. (my own)
  • Consultation and guidance for artists.
  • Attorney Pro Se

Recordings CD's DVD's

Live in Concert 1, 2, 3 * Counterfit Politics * On Stage * Johnny Counterfit Sings with an Orchestra


  • Continued writing of songs, comedy, and books; currently writing second book: The Other Me
  • Studying American History, Economics, and current events of the day.
  • Developed a theory on the practical application of Helium-3 to power fusion nuclear reactors, including transporting the isotope from the moon. When the Internet came along, I discovered I wasn't the only one working on the theory.
  • Studying the John F. Kennedy administration and assassination. NO, I don't believe the wild conspiracy theories, but for decades, I've read many books and reviewed official documents, television specials and interviews dealing with all aspects of his administration and murder. I continue to study the administration and assassination.* 
  • *Johnny is available for panel discussions, speeches, and interviews on his studies of the JFK assassination.

Published author, Johnny Counterfit:

BOOK #1. JFK-Averting the Assassination

Johnny travels back in time to alter history, and save

JFK from assassins bullets...Alternative History at it's best!

Now selling on Internet stores and on this website. ​

The book is also available in Public Libraries.

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August 29, 2016: Elected into the Traditional

Country Music Association's Hall of Fame



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