*Sample Set List of Voice Impressions, Songs, Comedy. 

  Edits are made at your request by taking into account  the age group of your audience. CLEAN jokes are  added throughout the presentation. 

JC Show sample
Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line  E    as Waylon Jennings
Act Naturally   G        as  Buck Owens
Tiger By The Tail   D   as Buck Owens
Streets of Bakersfield   A    Buck & Dwight Owens
Ring of Fire  G / Folsom    E   as Johnny Cash
Daddy Sang Bass   E       as Johnny Cash, with audience
I Walk The Line   E    as Johnny Cash.....

           as Archie & Edith Bunker   D  (Stop time)
           as  Dean Martin   D  (Jazz feel)
           as  Frank Sinatra  D  (Jazz feel)

           as Elvis Presley   E    (50's Rock feel)
           as Richard Nixon  I Walk The Line last verse  E

Option: That’s Amore’  Bb  Dean Martin
El Paso   D      as Marty Robbins
Option: White Sport Coat  C  Don’t Worry  E  as Marty Robbins
Cattle Call  D   Make the World Go Away  as Eddy Arnold
**Rodney Dangerfield    
Only The Lonely   F       as Roy Orbison 
Product Endorsement Bit     *JC Only
·         Rogaine  E         as Eric Clapton

Television commercials * Songs  *JC Only
Oscar Meyer Weiner
My Bologna Has A First Name
Bathroom on the Right  (JC parody song)

I Won’t Mention It Again   F  as Ray Price
To All The Girls  G  as Willie Nelson/Julio Iglesias
Swingin’   E  as John Anderson
Before the Next Teardrop Falls    A   as Freddy Fender
Take Your Memory With You  E  as Vince Gill
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini  D
Fugitive / Okie from Muskogee  D   as Merle Haggard
King Of The Road  Bb  as Roger Miller
Dang Me       E   as Roger Miller
Long Gone Lonesome Blues  E    as Hank Williams
All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down  C   as HANK, JR
Take These Chains   D  as Hank Willams
Hey Good Lookin’   C   as Hank Williams
Your Cheatin’ Heart  C  as Hank Williams
Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind  C  as George Strait
He Stopped Loving Her Today  G  George Jones
Johnny Carson/Geo Burns/Jack Benny Bit (JC Only)
I Wish I Was 18 Again   C   as George Burns 
78rpm    A    (Original composition)
Send God An Instant Message, Everyday   C  (Original composition)
(Folsom out)  E       (Exit Stage)

Many people know how much I love doing shows for Veterans; this thank you note transcends any accolade I have received. I am truly touched by this......Johnny Counterfit

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Voice Impressionist, Singer, Comedian, Songwriter, Published Author.

Performances on network, cable, satellite television shows and radio: 1983-present
Sirius/XM Channel Laugh-USA features Johnny’s work.

*Astoundingly accurate voice impressions of Traditional Country and Pop superstar singers, 
comedians, and Hollywood legends, in live music, and CLEAN comedy.

Lots of Music blended with singing voice impressions of superstars, and clean comedy.
"The audience will sing-along, laugh out loud, and have a great time"
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