Remember, you're trying to sell tickets

to first time customers as well, and this is a show unlike anything else presented.

The Right Advertising gets the Right Results!

Booking the Johnny Counterfit Show & Advertising

Johnny has spent many years building his reputation and notoriety, while maintaining a presence on:

National Television 1987-present
Radio 1981-present
Sirius-XM Satellite
Pandora, Spotify (streaming services) 2016-present
Facebook 5,000 FB Friends (maximum number allowed)

National/International concerts-1982-present
Johnny’s official website achieves thousands of views each week.

Johnny is a published author, with worldwide sales.
Over 2.55 million views (as of April 13, 2017) on one of Johnny’s video compilations!

Value, even before the show date.
With his scheduled appearance, Johnny is helping bring attention to not only your event, but your place of business as well.

When the contract is signed, and the retainer/deposit fee is received, we go to work assisting you by advertising Johnny’s scheduled show date on his website, and Facebook page, as well as sending out press releases with your approval.

Johnny will be available for interviews, and will use his voice talents on television, radio, and Internet commercials. Contact us for details.

​Different markets have unique advertising advantages. Depending on the demographics/population of each market, newspaper advertising may be more effective than radio, television, or social media. 

*Ask successful businesses in your area what form 

of advertising they use most effectively.


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                         Effective News/Press Release will impact ticket sales; use the sample below!

SAMPLE.......For Immediate Release
(Venue name) presents Voice Impressionist-Comedian Johnny Counterfit,
straight from Nashville, Tennessee. Johnny recreates the singing voices of traditional country music superstars, Hollywood legends and comedians from the last 50 years.

(Venue name, address, show time)
Johnny hits the stage (Time) taking the audience back and forth through the golden era of

music & movies with more than 25 voice impressions including singers Johnny Cash,

Vince Gill, Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakam, Hank Williams, George Straight, television icons

Archie & Edith Bunker, Rodney Dangerfield, movie stars John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart.

Nothing political here, just a fun couple of songs by Ronald Reagan & Bill Clinton,

with comments from President Donald Trump

Johnny Counterfit continues to appear on television shows, Larry’s Country Diner,

Music City Tonight, Country’s Family Reunion, and concert stages all across America.

For tickets: (venue telephone number & web address)