It's a Production with music & comedy:

Johnny Counterfit, Voice Impressionist-Comedian

Newest member of the 

Traditional Country Music Association's 

Hall of Fame for 2016

* Add Johnny's Christmas segment...

A Sensational Traditional Christmas Segment Option for you!

When the award winning impressionist adds the following singing impressions to

his already astounding show of 30+ voice impressions, your audience will laugh & sing-along.....

Elvis sings Blue Christmas with Archie & Edith Bunker
Bing Crosby sings White Christmas with Porky Pig
Traditional Christmas songs in the voices of:
Bill Clinton * Vince Gill * Johnny Cash
Dwight Yoakam * George W. Bush
Jimmy Stewart * John Wayne
Rodney Dangerfield
.....and many others............added to the astounding variety of voice impressions/songs and comedy already in the show
*The Time Travelers Band will add a little Motown and R&B if the audience is in the mood

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You've got to see this show live! Watching the audience reaction is almost as funny as the show. Imagine seeing more than 25 superstar singers, actors, and politicians come alive courtesy of the amazing voice impression talents of Johnny Counterfit. Taking the audience back and forth through the wonderful times of their life; the audience loves it!

Johnny Counterfit presents more than 25 impressions of Traditional Country Music & Pop singers, Hollywood legends, and iconic Comedians in a 90 minute concert show with the Time Travelers band. 
Fast Paced & Funny: The proof can be seen on the sneak preview video below. 

Sneak Preview 16 minute video snippets; "click" on arrow below

Salute to Veterans Show

​Johnny has a special show available for veterans, by adding patriotic songs to his already award winning voice impressions of traditional Country Music & Pop singers, Hollywood legends, and impressions of your all time favorite comedians. Johnny's band, The Time Travelers will add some Motown & R&B if the audience is in the mood!

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Appearances include

Dish-Network, Direct-TV, RFD Television, Heartland TV Network, Broadcast radio around the world, and SIRIUS Satellite-Laugh-USA channel

Special Events, Corporate Banquets, Performing Arts Theater, Dinner Theater,

Themed Events,

 Fairs, Festivals, etc.