Salute to Veterans Show

Johnny has a special show available for veterans,

by adding patriotic songs to his already award winning voice impressions of traditional Country Music & Pop singers, Hollywood legends, and impressions of your all time favorite comedians.

Johnny's band, The Time Travelers also add some

Motown & R&B if the audience is in the mood!

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​​THIS IS NOT A TRIBUTE SHOW  Concert-Comedian, Johnny Counterfit

5 x's the entertainment impact: Hilarious CLEAN Comedy, Fabulous Music, Song Parodies, Original Compositions, and 30+ voice impressions of Superstar Country & Pop Singers, Hollywood Legends, and Comedians! Even if one or two in the audience are too young to recall a particular voice impression, they will still LAUGH at the

(current & nostalgic) jokes, and LOVE the show!

Jokes & Music: Adding FRESH material, current humor/jokes, and songs to the legendary and new voice impressions Johnny presents, is the hallmark of his show, and reasons why he maintains sold-out, and near-sell-out performances.

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The Internet world in which we live makes good working relationships all the more important, especially since all of us are instantly accessible. Therefore, when you and I begin working together, your clients will remain your clients, and I will be happy to sign a notarized letter of agreement to that effect. My website is the most effective tool you and I have to “sell” my show; let’s work together!  ~Johnny Counterfit

This is NOT a tribute show

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Movie Actor 
Award Winning Artist

Published Songwriter
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​Johnny Counterfit

Our ticket buyers loved Johnny’s show! The CLEAN comedy, original song parodies based on news of the day, along with his amazing voice impressions of country and pop superstar singers made for an especially enjoyable presentation. Add to that the interesting stories he told held our audience completely engaged!    

                               Roy with Buttonwood Bay Resort, Florida.

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Johnny Counterfit adds Movie Actor to his credentials and appears in the  Sony Pictures/Lifetime Movie Network film, Patsy & Loretta.

PBS Television series: Johnny performed 

a 60 minute concert for the show, Song of the Mountains.

Airing in 2020​; specific dates are forthcoming.

​<<< Multiple impressions,

London, England show clip: 8:27

EMMY Award

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History in Concert & Comedy

By adding quick-short stories about some of the characters he portrays, Johnny makes his

Comedy-Concert unique and all the more interesting for the audience! 

Johnny is also available

to perform in churches.