It's a Production with music & comedy:

* Add Johnny's Christmas segment...

A Sensational Traditional Christmas Segment Option for you!

When the award winning impressionist adds the following singing impressions to

his already astounding show of 30+ voice impressions, your audience will laugh & sing-along.....

Elvis sings Blue Christmas with Archie & Edith Bunker
Bing Crosby sings White Christmas with Porky Pig
Traditional Christmas songs in the voices of:
Bill Clinton * Vince Gill * Johnny Cash
Dwight Yoakam * George W. Bush
Jimmy Stewart * John Wayne
Rodney Dangerfield
.....and many others............added to the astounding variety of voice impressions/songs and comedy already in the show
*The Time Travelers Band will add a little Motown and R&B if the audience is in the mood

Dramatic Sci-Fi book written by Johnny is available by clicking Merchandise Store tab above.

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Johnny Counterfit presents more than 25 impressions of Traditional Country Music & Pop singers, Hollywood legends, and iconic Comedians in a 90 minute concert show with the Time Travelers band. 
Fast Paced & Funny: The proof can be seen on the sneak preview video below.

*I'm happy to speak with you about show me!

Sneak Preview 16 minute video snippets; "click" on arrow below

Salute to Veterans Show

​Johnny has a special show available for veterans, by adding patriotic songs to his already award winning voice impressions of traditional Country Music & Pop singers, Hollywood legends, and impressions of your all time favorite comedians. Johnny's band, The Time Travelers will add some Motown & R&B if the audience is in the mood!

Johnny Counterfit, Voice Impressionist-Comedian, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Published Author

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Appearances include

Dish-Network, Direct-TV, RFD Television, Heartland TV Network, Broadcast radio around the world, and SIRIUS Satellite-Laugh-USA channel

Special Events, Corporate Banquets, Performing Arts Theater, Dinner Theater,

Themed Events,

 Fairs, Festivals, etc.