The audience loves to sing-along and laugh with Johnny Counterfit

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You have got to see this show live; watching the audience reaction is almost as funny as the show!
Imagine seeing more than 25 superstar singers, actors, and politicians come alive courtesy of the amazing voice impression talents of Johnny Counterfit. With his Time Travelers band, Johnny takes the audience back and forth through the wonderful times of their life, and the audience loves it!

You Can Be on Stage Segment OPTION

If you wish, Johnny can invite audience members on stage with him, to show-off their talents; use this as an employee contest....your co-workers will love it! 

Johnny's Time Travelers Band is available to musically back your employees, or they may opt to use their own music tracks through our sound system.

Contact us to help you develop this fun aspect of your special event​.

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Fresh & Innovative

More than just Music, More than just Comedy

Blend in Johnny's wickedly accurate voice impressions of singers, actors, and other notable super stars, and you have a show unlike any other!!!

Appearances include:

Dish-Network, Direct-TV, RFD Television, Heartland TV Network, Broadcast radio around the world, and SIRIUS Satellite-LaughUSA channel

Special Events, Corporate Banquets, Performing Arts Theater, Dinner Theater,

Themed Events,

 Fairs, Festivals, etc.

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Johnny Counterfit

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