Johnny as soloist with guitar AND with his Time Travelers Band

“We had to add seating, the crowd kept coming, and they enjoyed every minute of the show. The music, the voices – our audience was laughing and singing along throughout the evening. Certainly one of our best shows of the season. An audience favorite.” Ken Sidey, Executive Director at Warren Cultural Ctr, Greenfield, Iowa Feb 2017

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Voice Impressionist, Singer, Comedian, Songwriter, Published Author.
Performances on network, cable, satellite television shows and radio: 1983-present
Songs Johnny has written and recorded using his own voice are streaming on Spotify
*Astoundingly accurate voice impressions of superstar singers,

comedians, and Hollywood legends, in live music, and CLEAN comedy.

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My sincere thanks to all of you!
6 million views of my performance
"Wide Open Country website" as of April 18, 2017

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"It only matters what the audience likes".......Johnny Counterfit

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Salute to Veterans Show

Johnny has a special show available for veterans,

by adding patriotic songs to his already award winning voice impressions of traditional Country Music & Pop singers, Hollywood legends, and impressions of your all time favorite comedians. Johnny's band, The Time Travelers also add some Motown & R&B if the audience is in the mood!

Johnny Counterfit

Recreating the voices of Country Music Superstar singers, and making the audience roar with laughter for over 20 years!

Johnny also includes songs he's written and recorded in his own voice as well.




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