​“We had to add seating, the crowd kept coming, and they enjoyed every minute of the show. The music, the voices – our audience was laughing and singing along throughout the evening. Certainly one of our best shows of the season. An audience favorite.

Ken Sidey, Executive Director at Warren Cultural Ctr, Greenfield, IA

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It only matters what the audience likes... ~Johnny Counterfit

Positive - Clean - Comedy & Music

V.I.P. & Corporate Special Events

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Multiple artists with Johnny available

jcvoices@aol.com 1.615.417.9839

Salute to Veterans Show

Johnny has a special show available for veterans,

by adding patriotic songs to his already award winning voice impressions of traditional Country Music & Pop singers, Hollywood legends, and impressions of your all time favorite comedians.

Johnny's band, The Time Travelers also add some

Motown & R&B if the audience is in the mood!

This is NOT a tribute show

But Johnny does re-create more than 25 Superstar Singers, Actors, and Comedians

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"Wide Open Country website" since April 18, 2017

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In addition to 90 minute theater concerts, I perform for a great many corporate clients wanting 15 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes of entertainment for their special event guests.

I've provided laughter in venues from The White House, in Washington D.C., to London, England, and concert and theater venues throughout North America, television, and radio, for the last 20+ years.

My show appeals to all traditional country music fans, and the 50+ age group, as I utilize songs and song parodies I've written, topical and nostalgic CLEAN comedy, non-partisan political fun, my voice impressions of traditional country and pop superstar singers. I perform as a soloist with my guitar for smaller presentations, or I'm happy to bring my band for a Las Vegas style production, and anything in between. 

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